Ritterkunst Turnhalle Classes

We are super pumped to be offering a number of different classes for students here in Lawrence!

6:30pm Monday: “Gemeine Lere” – A fundamentals class dedicated to solid movement dynamics, sword strikes, and distance management. We will incorporate body weight exercises and sword-based games for full body engagement.

7:30pm Monday: “Ringen” – A class where we study wrestling in a medieval context, which is primarily a standup system, focused on throwing the partner while remaining standing. While a “friendly” system, we will see where breaks, strikes, and even pins can come into play and how that applies to our weapon systems.

6:30pm Wednesday: “Messerfechten” – A class focused on the study of the one-handed Langes Messer [Long Knife]. This is a great system to study and some medieval masters assert that it is the foundation of all sword arts.

7:30pm Wednesday: “Hauptstücke” – A class focused on the deeper study of the plays of the longsword. Techniques will be studied in depth and give rise to more questions about their application. While this class is open to all – owning one’s own safety gear such as a mask and gorget make it so the student can get more from this class.

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